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Patient Centricity; Hot Air Or Not?

Aad Liefveld
26-05-2015 09:46
It seems that nowadays patient centricity is a hot topic for everyone in the life science industry. Many articles are written about patient centricity, and more and more events and conferences use it as the main subject. But will the industry feel the same way about patient centricity a few years from now, or will it be discarded as just a lot of hot air? We believe it is not and that it is the...Read more

Join us at the 2015 Proventa Clinical Data Strategy Meeting Europe in London

Aad Liefveld
25-05-2015 15:07
On July 1, 2015 Link2Trials will attend the Clinical Data Strategy Meeting Europe 2015 in London. Simon Klaasen will facilitate a roundtable discussion about patient centricity, social media and patient recruitment based on the following statements: Patient centricity, engagement and empowerment will increase patient participation in clinical trials Social media can be a very efficient tool...Read more

Patient Centric Recruitment; a CRO’s Perspective

Aad Liefveld
21-05-2015 08:18
Reasons for Change It has all been said before: Over 95% of the clinical studies fail to meet their original time lines and budgets[1] and that one day of delay could cost a sponsor $1.6 million on averaged lost revenue.[2] Between 2006 and 2016 the global spending on drug development will grow from $108 billion to over $148 billion.[3] Clinical trials account for 45% to 75% of this cost[4] and...Read more

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