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About Link2Trials

Link2Trials, established in 2007, offers patient recruitment, preselection and retention services for clinical trials. Being specialized in recruiting patients through social media, Link2Trials (L2T) is continuously challenged to find the best way to the hearts and minds of patients.

From the start of the company and long before anyone talked about patient centricity, we were already focused on how to improve the patient’s experience with recruitment for clinical trials. This focus on the patient’s experience is essential to fulfill the mission of our company; provide patient recruitment and retention services that help our customers to run clinical trials as efficient and effective as possible.

Fulfilling our mission means continuously reviewing and improving our services and at the same time keeping them aligned to the present and future needs of our customers. Part of the latter is finding a solution to the unresolved issue of early drop-out, an extreme form of non-adherence.


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