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Feel free to inquire about any other services you may require. Link2Trials has a broad network in the pharmaceutical field and can help you resolve other needs in your clinical development.

ICF / Info Video's

Images say more than words. Enhance your written (patient) information with a study-specific information video. You will increase subject understanding of the study and their willingness to participate.

Interactive informed consent

Patients must understand the requirements, risks, and benefits of a clinical study before agreeing to participate in a study. At Link2Trials we believe that the traditional lengthy paper informed consent does not convey study information in a patient-friendly manner and that web-based and video informed consent significantly enhances the patients' understanding of a study.

The consent forms are translated into a script that is accompanied by appropriate imagery. The consent video will cover the essential aspects of the consent form and ensure the patient is well informed before a final discussion with the study staff. The treating investigator will confirm the patient’s understanding of the study, answer any questions, and obtain written consent.

Read more about this European Site Patient Recruitment Innovation Award (SPRIA EU) winning concept.

Read more about our e-Consent module.

Study Specific Instructions

Study specific procedures (for instance the use of an insulin injector) can be easily explained with an instruction video, which can be accessed any time during the study.

The study information videos are accessed through a study specific website at any time, and will include other relevant study specific information, including information on the site and sponsor, full consent form, test questions or other required information.


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