Let us take care of all your recruitment activities, so that you can focus on managing your project

Flexible Pricing

Pay per study

Our patient recruitment projects are always divided into phases. After each phase, we will evaluate the results.

This provides you with good insights into how successful the campaign is running and will give you maximum control over the actual costs.

Pay per patient

Our extensive recruitment statistics allow us to define a fixed per-patient fee for your study protocol population.

This will allow you to use our services risk-free and result based.


For Academia we offer a special outreach package deal:

• Newsletter outreach
• Social media posts
• Study-specific recruitment campaign

Download the PDF for more information

Patient recruitment

Global reach

You will benefit from our access to tens of millions of patients worldwide as well as our experience, efficient and reliable technology. - 30 million website visitors since 2012 - 24 countries worldwide - recruited for 700+ trials

Across indications

We conduct online and mobile advertising campaigns across the full therapeutic spectrum.

From the more common chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes, COPD, IBS to more specific conditions like oncology and cardiology, as well as rare diseases.

Patient Centric Targeted Recruitment

Being specialized in patient recruitment services, Link2Trials is always challenged to find the best way to the hearts and minds of patients.

Link2Trials understand the importance of having a proactive patient recruitment campaign at the onset of a study. We will develop a targeted recruitment strategy based on specific study requirements. The in- and exclusion criteria will be considered, as well as the visit frequency, any seasonal impact, and other factors that may contribute to the recruitment of your subjects. Our recruitment strategies include:

- (social) media/digital advertisement
- study-specific URL and website
- access to our database of patients worldwide.
- traditional recruitment tools (posters in the waiting room, advertisements, folders)
- study branding


Online pre-selection questionnaire

Our pre-selection module allows you to define preliminary selection criteria with which Link2Trials can pre-screen potential patients. These would include patients from our database as well as newly recruited patients.

Phone pre-selection

In addition to the online questionnaire, the Link2Trials patient-site liaisons will contact the patient to discuss the study details and ask additional pre-selection questions according to the approved phone script. Our patient-site liaisons have a medical background and are fully trained in the study and protocol. This ensures a high-quality patient referral to reduce the burden on the trial sites.

Easy patient visit planning

Our planning tool is fully integrated within our database and allows you to plan potential subjects, which have successfully gone through the pre-selection module, for a screening visit.

Our planning tool is accessible through our safe login and allows you to easily schedule your study subjects for the screening and other study visits. It is in an intuitive group format (drag & drop) and includes all pertinent subject and study information.

How we set up your project

  • strategy and market research

    Online assessment of patient population and (geo)targeting options for your trial population

  • fast set-up

    Within 48 hours after EC/IRB approval we will launch your recruitment campaign

  • study on Link2Trials website

    Study descriptions in local languages created to be understood by patients

  • advertisement campaigns

    Advertisements in local languages targeting your exact study population

  • patient pre-screening

    Pre-screening on protocol criteria and study specific questionnaires to ensure highly qualified referrals

  • planning and retention

    Your sites can use our specifically developed patient recruitment planning and retention tools. Reducing site burden and ensuring optimized patient retention

  • real time reporting

    Study managers get real time insight in recruitment status and site performance


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