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Protocol deviations; tell-tale signs of patient non-adherence during clinical trials

Aad Liefveld
25-05-2021 09:01
When discussing patient adherence during clinical trials, most people will say that on average it is high and that the issue of non-adherence really surfaces during clinical care. But is this true or are we missing something in clinical trials? I think we are missing something, and the issue is far greater than we think it is. Early drop-out during clinical trials has always been and still is an...

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Losing touch with patients is not an option!

Aad Liefveld
22-12-2020 17:02
In the past few months the healthcare industry has sped up the adoption and implementation of digital remote healthcare solutions to meet patients’ health-related preferences and at the same time overcome the challenges of social distancing and limited human interaction. The pharmaceutical industry is also moving forward on the subject of virtual and hybrid clinical trials. The many...

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