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Patient Centricity; Hot Air Or Not?

Aad Liefveld
4237 (updated: 07-10-2015 20:00)
26-05-2015 09:46

It seems that nowadays patient centricity is a hot topic for everyone in the life science industry. Many articles are written about patient centricity, and more and more events and conferences use it as the main subject. But will the industry feel the same way about patient centricity a few years from now, or will it be discarded as just a lot of hot air?

We believe it is not and that it is the most important cultural change in this industry. In essence patient centricity is about changing the way we interact with patients, and have this new way of doing things supported by today's technology.

 It will not be an easy change because it is more about culture and less about technology. It will take a lot of effort, commitment and perseverance to make this a successful change-over, but in the end everyone will benefit.

 This may sound like something for big companies only, but it actually is much easier for smaller companies to make patient centricity happen. Link2Trials did it and has integrated patient centricity in its processes, services, and software solutions.

 Patient centricity is surprisingly easy to implement once you start to position yourself in the patient’s place!

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