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In this Q&A series we answer questions we have received from our customer base.

#7: How to integrate online recruitment wit traditional methods for a comprehensive patient recruitment strategy

Integrating online recruitment with traditional methods for a comprehensive patient recruitment strategy involves the following steps:

  1. Utilize social media platforms: Promote your clinical trial on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to reach a larger audience.
  2. Develop a website: Create a website dedicated to your clinical trial that provides information about the study, its purpose, and how to participate.
  3.  Use online advertising: Place advertisements for your clinical trial on search engines, health websites, and online forums to reach potential participants.
  4. Collaborate with healthcare providers: Partner with healthcare providers, such as primary care physicians, to refer eligible patients to your clinical trial.
  5. Utilize traditional methods: Utilize traditional methods of patient recruitment, such as fliers, posters, and community events, to reach a local audience.
  6. Offer incentives: Offer incentives, such as compensation for travel expenses or reimbursement for parking, to encourage patients to participate.


By combining the reach of online recruitment with the personal touch of traditional methods, you can create a comprehensive patient recruitment strategy that will help you find the right participants for your clinical trial.

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