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Patient Site Liaison (PSL)

Tamara Schouten
16-11-2021 11:46

Link2Trials uses its PSLs to ensure the potential trial participants we refer fit the study in and exclusion criteria.

My name is Tamara. I have been working as a Patient Site Liaison (PSL) at LinkTrials for several years now. As a PSL you are the link between a large number of applications and the actual (potential) participants for a clinical study.
With a medically relevant background, inclusion and exclusion criteria can be interpreted from the study protocols to ensure research institutions are not overwhelmed with large numbers of applications.
Potential participants are forwarded to the research institute or they can be scheduled by the PSL for a first screening appointment. Communication skills and both medical and pharmacological background knowledge come together in working as a PSL. There are many different studies for which telephone pre-screening is desirable. This allows you to gain a lot of knowledge and various skills in a relatively short time. In addition, you contribute to the large chain of scientific research. A nice job where you can continue to develop yourself.

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