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PSL (Patient Site Liaison) journey at Link2Trials

Stephanie Gontijo
685 (updated: 06-11-2022 12:59)
07-09-2022 12:57

My name is Stephanie Maria Gontijo dos Santos Lima and I want to share a bit about my journey in the last 4 years with Link2Trials.

During the last years of my medical studies, I worked as a PSL for different clinical trials in different countries: from Spain, UK to USA and for studies recruiting people with conditions such as back pain, to diabetes or cancer. Working with recruiting patients for studies, has given me a new insight and a different patient contact to that I was used to have with patients I had to treat inside the hospital. It taught me how many medical conditions can influence a day-to-day life of a patient, and how grateful they are for clinical trials and how much they want to participate in them and help pharmaceuticals find a treatment for the conditions studied.

Now, after 4 years of being part of this community, I will be leaving the team to begin my residency in Germany! I want to thank everyone involved in these last years and recommend Link2Trials for any medical student looking for a part-time job during their studies.

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