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Patient Site Liaison (PSL)

Claire Davis
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08-04-2022 20:17

Link2Trials uses its PSL to ensure the potential trial participants we refer match the study in- and exclusion criteria.

Claire speaking:

I’ve recently started working in a Patient Site Liaison (PSL) research role with Link2Trials. The role requires contacting patients who have expressed an interest online for participating in research studies relevant to themselves. I was attracted to the role because I have always found those with an interest in clinical research to be enjoyable to work alongside, stoic, kind-natured, and with a shared understanding that it is through research that we can advance the standard of treatment for future generations.

During patient conversations, I give a summary of the study and provide an opportunity to ask study related questions, which is vital as a lack of clear information can often be a barrier to enrolling. I also ensure aspects of the eligibility criteria are met to ensure only suitable patients are forwarded on. This requires interpretation of the study protocol; inclusion and exclusion criteria, and when this is ambiguous, communicate with the sponsor. With one simple click of a button, potential patients can be forwarded to the research team at a hospital local to the patient. I know first-hand how busy a clinical research team can be, it is easy to see how my activities as a PSL help streamline and boost the recruitment process for sites.

The opportunity to work on multiple studies enables me to develop a knowledge of a variety of conditions and their associated treatment options. The advertising campaigns that Link2Trials run are most certainly effective, each time I log on to work there are always new people to call. I work 2 days a week in the NHS as a research nurse, a role which I love but I am limited in my ability to increase my hours without disrupting the balance of being there for my young children and their short school days. Advertised as a flexible and remote role I jumped at the opportunity and I am so glad I did!

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