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Marjolein Nankman
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27-07-2023 13:20

In this Q&A series we answer questions we have received from our customer base.

#9: Is patient behavior a factor in adherence and to what extent?


Patient behavior is a key factor in patient adherence to a clinical study protocol. Patients' behaviors, including their beliefs, attitudes, and habits, can influence whether they adhere to the study requirements or not.

For example, patients who have positive beliefs about the benefits of the intervention being studied are more likely to adhere to the study protocol. On the other hand, patients who are skeptical about the intervention may be less likely to adhere to the study protocol. Additionally, patients who have set up habits and routines for taking medications or attending medical appointments are more likely to adhere to the study requirements than those who do not.

Other factors that can influence patient behavior and adherence include the complexity and burden of the study requirements, patients' level of motivation and engagement with the study, and patients' beliefs of the study team and their level of trust in the study process.

Overall, patient behavior is a complex and multifaceted factor in patient adherence to a clinical study protocol, and researchers must carefully consider and address these factors in order to optimize patient adherence and ensure the reliability and validity of study results.

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