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Marjolein Nankman
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In this Q&A series we answer questions we have received from our customer base.


#11: What strategies can be implemented to improve patient adherence in clinical studies?


There are several strategies that researchers can use to influence these factors and improve patient adherence in clinical studies. Some of these strategies include:


  1. Simplifying the study protocol to make it more workable for patients to adhere to.

  2. Supplying clear and comprehensive patient education about the intervention being studied and the study requirements.

  3. Monitoring patients' treatment-related side effects and providing right interventions to manage them.

  4. Building rapport and trust with patients through effective communication and interpersonal skills.

  5. Engaging patients' social support networks, such as family members or friends, in the study process.

  6. Supplying financial support or incentives to help patients overcome financial barriers.


Overall, by addressing these factors and implementing targeted strategies to improve patient adherence, researchers can perfect the quality and reliability of clinical study data and ultimately improve patient outcomes.



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