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Aad Liefveld
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16-08-2023 15:43

In this Q&A series we answer questions we have received from our customer base.

‌#10: What are the common factors that affect patient adherence in clinical studies?


There are many factors that can affect patient adherence in clinical studies. Some of the most common factors include:

1️⃣ Complexity of the study protocol: Patients may find it difficult to adhere to a complex study protocol that requires multiple study visits, frequent medication dosing, or extensive self-monitoring.

2️⃣ Treatment-related side effects: Patients may experience side effects from the intervention being studied that make them reluctant to continue with the study requirements.

3️⃣ Patient beliefs and attitudes: Patients' beliefs and attitudes about the intervention being studied and the study process can influence their willingness to adhere to the study requirements.

4️⃣ Patient demographics: Factors such as age, gender, education level, and cultural background can also influence patient adherence.

5️⃣ Communication and trust: Patients who feel that they have a good rapport with the study team and trust them are more likely to adhere to the study requirements.

6️⃣ Social support: Patients who have support from family members, friends, or other caregivers are more likely to adhere to the study requirements.

7️⃣ Financial considerations: Patients who face financial barriers, such as the cost of transportation to study visits or the cost of the intervention being studied, may be less likely to adhere to the study requirements.

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