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An interesting discussion about DCT

Aad Liefveld
644 (updated: 15-11-2022 18:56)
30-08-2022 12:49

An interesting discussion about DCT

An interesting discussion about DCT, started by Moe Alsumidaie.

As a service provider we have supported a number of DCT’s. Some designs worked out fine for patients and sites, others not so much. From what we have seen so far, the successful ones were not technology or decentralization driven but made sensible choices about what could easily be executed by the patient from home or through home based technology. These studies were focused on improving the patient experience, lessening the study burden and delivering actual added value to the enrolled patients. Using a more individualized approach and providing options like Craig Lipset mentions, could take away the sponsor’s reluctance Brad Hightower sees.

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